Acons Group
Acons Group
Clever Park
Tkachey ul., Yekaterinburg, Russia
8000 m²
Project group:
Boris Voskoboynikov, Maria Akhremenkova, Olga Ivleva-Neyter, Maxim Frolov
Implemented, 2012

While working on the office project of the largest construction company of the Urals, Alfa Story, the architects had to solve two different tasks. Firstly, to separate the external flow of visitors from the internal one. As a result, the first floor is focused on customers and group objectives (meeting rooms and conference rooms), and the second one is devoted to the internal office (staff and management offices). Secondly, it was required to demonstrate the company values and identity. The concept creation was facilitated by mutual understanding between the architects and the customer, who was ready for architectural experiments with modern materials and new technologies. The office image is formed by expressive combinations of minimalistic textures and "brutal" construction materials — concrete, metal, glass. There are formwork marks left on the walls, that were cast from concrete right in the office. The metal mesh covering the ceiling communications gently dissipates illumination; lacquered boxes installed in the walls serve to store personal belongings and working documentation. A concrete structure that combines stairs and a reception desk with a waiting zone became the central element of the space.

Sergey Ananiev
107078, Moscow
Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya 8, bld. 8
Vox architects