Cinema Park Deluxe
Cinema Park Deluxe
Cinema Park
16A Leningradskoe shosse, Moscow, Russia
700 m²
Project authors:
Boris Voskoboynikov, Maria Akhremenkova
Project group:
Yana Mitasova, Alina Epifanova, Kaurbek Bagaev, Lyubov Orlova, Ekaterina Darganova, Evgeny Nezamaykin, Pavel Surshkov

The huge twelve-meter ceilings in the Metropolis Shopping Center cinema foyer allowed the designers to create an expressive semi-fantastic space. It figuratively represents the cinematography itself treating it as a medium for a noir movie. A film frame has become the main motif of this interior: here it acts as the wings, while there as a movie screen, and still further as a source of bright light, as it was many years ago, when movies were publicly screened on a white sheet using a film projector. You may get into some of the frames and imagine yourself a movie star. This technique has been chosen deliberately. It generates the feeling of distance and remoteness – the fictitious world of cinematography created in the foyer space is intentionally strange, it is black-and-white and not life-sized.

Implemented, 2017
Mikhail Stepanov
107078, Moscow
Sadovaya-Chernogryazskaya 8, bld. 8
Vox architects